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Pellet Size & Shape Distribution Measurement (PSSD)

The OCS Pellet Size and Shape Distribution System (PSSD) is an instrument that can be used to measure and classify the size and shape of all pellets, including granules and resin. The system uses a line scan camera to analyze the pellets in free fall. This allows the system to classify pellets according to their morphological properties, such as over- and undersize, abrasion, and agglomerates.

The system can also determine the pellet weight with an optional weighing system. The data from the PSSD can be transferred in real-time to the production and process control system.

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The PSSD is a valuable tool for improving the quality control of pelletized products. It can help to ensure that the pellets used in the production process are of the correct size and shape. This can lead to higher quality products and improved customer satisfaction.