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Since the start of 1988, Radiant Technologies has been committed to innovating characterisation equipment for non-volatile memory technologies, non-linear electromechanical materials, MEMS, and actuator/sensors. Radiant pioneered and developed the first ferroelectric system which rapidly became the industry standard for characterising non-linear materials.

The key motivation behind the engineering of its test equipment and thin ferroelectric film components had been precision and accuracy. The testers are designed to maximise accuracy and minimise distortion.
Manufacturer’s website: https://www.ferrodevices.com
PiezoMEMS Analyzer
Radiant Technologies’ Precision PiezoMEMS Analyzer integrates digital, analog, and communications circuit functions with the existing non-linear materials measurement capabilities of the Precision Multiferroic Non-linear Materials Tester, all supervised by Radiant’s Vision programmable test environment.
Precision Multiferroic II Ferroelectric Tester
The Precision Multiferroic II Ferroelectric Tester is the most advanced test system on the market. The Multiferroic II has a unique frequency rating of 270KHz at +/-100V built-in to the system. The Multiferroic II tester makes testing of thin films and bulk ceramics a fast and simple process.
Precision Premier II Ferroelectric Tester
The Precision Premier II is an advanced tester that has a large test envelope in terms of frequency response, voltage range and accuracy. The Premier II has a fast hysteresis frequency rating of 250KHz at +/-10V built-in to the system. The Premier II execute tests to 100 kHz below 10 Volts, making it useful for both bulk and thin film capacitors.
Precision LC II Ferroelectric Tester
The Precision LCII is Radiant’s answer to a growing need for affordable characterization equipment. The Precision LCII is an ideal general-purpose tester with a broad test range for thin films and bulk ceramics.
Precision RT66C Ferroelectric Tester
The Precision RT66C is ideal for a researcher looking for a flexible unit at an affordable price. The RT66C Test System has a hysteresis frequency rating of 1KHz. The RT66C is offered in a +/- 200V built-in drive volt option.
Vision Data Acquisition Software
Vision is a revolutionary software package that provides exceptional freedom to design, conduct, and review all procedures associated with any material experiment.

The Vision test environment will collect all data acquired in a test sequence and organize it in archived data structures along with the test sequence definitions and data analysis tools
Tester Accessories
Test Stations, 10kV High Voltage Testing, Thermal Testing, Piezoelectric, Magnetoelectric, Transistor and Reliability Testing

Radiant Technologies, Inc provides several accessories to make testing of samples fast, easy and effective.