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Slot Die Coating is a highly scalable technique for rapidly depositing various liquid chemistries onto substrates of different materials ranging from glass and metal to polymers.

The technique permits the coating of thin and uniform films with minimal material waste at a low operational cost by the unique engineering of the slot die head coupled with precise metering and dispensing of the process fluid at a controlled rate during the coating die is moved relative to the substrate.

Slot Die Coater can be used in diverse areas relating to solar (OPV, Perovskites, CIGS), lighting, sensing, and energy storage applications.
Manufacturer’s website: https://www.fomtechnologies.com/
FOM nanoRC
The FOM nanoRC slot-die coating machine is a lightweight, easy to use, precision instrument for testing slot-die coating of functional thin films and devices from any solution or slurry-based precursor.
The FOM arcRC slot-die coating machine is designed to simulate industrial roll-based coating in a smaller and lab-friendly form factor. It provides a seamless, accelerated user workflow and excellent control for coating a wide variety of active materials using industrial-grade components and a user-friendly interface.
FOM vectorSC
The FOM vectorSC slot-die coating machine is designed from the ground up to allow easy control over coating on both flexible and rigid substrates. It is intended for solution-processed thin-film coatings of functional materials such as perovskites, OPV, CIGS, sensing, lighting and energy storage applications.
FOM alphaSC
The FOM alphaSC slot-die coating machine provides the ultimate combination of control, functionality and versatility in thin film research and production thereby enabling experimental freedom in the formulation of coating recipes.
Slot Die Heads
FOM Technologies Slot Die Heads have been designed to provide outstanding flow properties and simple compatibility with FOM coating machines. Produced from some of the hardest steel in the world, the material undergoes meticulous processes to provide stable and ultra-precise accuracy.