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TENSITRON instruments provides quick and accurate tension measurement for different materials and applications. It ranges from hand-held devices and permanently mounted systems; mechanical and digital ones, and tension ranging from 1 gram to 1 ton.
Manufacturer’s website:  https://www.tensitron.com/
Digital Aircraft Cable Tension Meter ACX-1
Tensitron’s 5th generation of digital aircraft cable tension meters, using the latest technology, software, and design improvements providing unsurpassed accuracy and resolution for numerous material sizes and tension ranges.
Digital Cable Tension Meter CX-1
The Model CX-1 series of Cable Tension Meters measure static and slow moving tensions in round configurations such as wire, rope, cable and guy wires as well as narrow rectangular wire, bands and straps.
Digital Lever Meter LX-1
The LX-1 models of Digital Instruments measure tension on materials from .032″ (20 AWG) to 5/32 inch diameter. Can be used on flexible cables, wires, filaments, tapes and ribbons where expected tensions range from 5 to 50 Lbs, 5 to 100 Lbs, 5 to 250 Lbs, or 25 to 500 Lbs.
Digital Strap Tension Meter STX-1
The Model STX-1 series of Strap Tension Meters are designed to measure static tensions on metal, plastic, and other types of strapping and tie-downs. The Model STX-1 series offers users utmost accuracy over a wide variety of materials.