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Verasonics’ Vantage System is a revolutionary ultrasound system designed for ultrasound researchers and developers. Our focus is to provide researchers with the most advanced and flexible tools to create new algorithms and products used in diagnostic, interventional, and therapeutic medical ultrasound. The real-time, software-based, programmable ultrasound systems speed up research by providing unparalleled speed and control to simplify data collection and analysis. This architecture also allows for the simple implementation of newly developed imaging approaches that are not possible on current commercial systems. Non-medical applications of our plans include biometrics, non-destructive testing, and earth sciences.
Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam
Manufacturer’s website: https://verasonics.com/
Vantage™ Research Ultrasound Systems
The Vantage Ultrasound System provides real-time imaging at reasonable frame rates for data analysis. The device comes with different channel options, a wide frequency range, and multiple-channel arbitrary waveform generation capability.
Research Ultrasound System for Biomedical
Verasonics Vantage systems offer exceptional performance and unmatched flexibility to support a variety of ultrasonic research applications for the biomedical sciences.
NDE/NDT For Material Science
Verasonics’ Vantage platform provides high-performance, programmable phased array and multi-channel ultrasound systems for academic and industrial NDE/NDT research and development.
VANTAGE Software
The Vantage Research Ultrasound System is a powerful and flexible platform for developing new ultrasonic technologies for biomedical ultrasound, materials science/non-destructive evaluation, and many other applications in research and development.
Universal Transducer Adapters
Users of the Vantage System can readily adapt the system to work with transducers with a range of connectors thanks to Verasonics’ Universal Transducer Adapter (UTA). It is easy and takes only a few minutes to switch between UTAs.
Verasonics' Transducer Selection
To facilitate the work of researchers, Verasonics collaborates with the world’s leading transducer manufacturers to offer high-quality transducers for many research applications in the biomedical and material sciences.