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The polymer industry strives for 100% material purity, and contamination in raw materials like pellets can be a significant problem. This is especially true for applications where the polymer will be used in high-voltage cables or for medical purposes.

OCS provides various raw material testing and measurement solutions that can help ensure the quality of polymer materials. These solutions can be used in the lab, during research and development, or ongoing production. They can help reduce response and product change times and provide both quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC).

Some specific tests that OCS can perform on raw materials include Optical inspection for contamination, Physical property measurements, Rheological measurements, Molecular structure analysis Chemical composition analysis.

By using OCS’s raw material testing and measurement solutions, manufacturers can help ensure their polymer products’ quality and avoid costly problems down the road.

Here are some additional benefits of using OCS’s raw material testing and measurement solutions: Increased product quality, Reduced scrap and rework, Improved efficiency, Increased customer satisfaction, and Compliance with industry regulations.
Available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam
Manufacturer’s website: https://www.ocsgmbh.com/en/
Cast Film Line
The OCS Cast Film Extrusion Line is a versatile system that can be used to produce high-quality flat film from a variety of polymers. The touch panel control system allows users to store all settings and parameters, which ensures that the film quality can be reproduced at any time.
Blown Film Line
The OCS-blown film extrusion lines are a versatile and powerful system that can be used to produce high-quality blown films that can be used to measure a variety of properties as impurities, haze, gloss, density, and other characteristics.
Tape Line TCA®
The OCS Tape Line Type TCA® can be used to test a variety of transparent polymer films, including pellets, powder, and flakes. The system is designed to be used in the wire and cable industry, but it can also be used in other industries that require high-quality transparent polymer films.
Tape Line SSA®
The OCS Tape Line type SSA® is used in the wire and cable industry to detect surface irregularities (nips) on non-transparent polymer films (tape).