LMS Technologies Vietnam

Raw Material Inspection Systems

Tape Line (SSA®)

The OCS Tape Line type SSA® is a system that detects surface irregularities (nips) on non-transparent polymer films (tape). The system consists of a Measuring Extruder (ME), a Modular Film Analyser with a Chill Roll (MFA-CR), a Surface Quality Analyzer (SQA), a LASER Marking System (LM100), a Label Printer (LP100), a Film Cutter and Sorter (OFC100).

The Measuring Extruder is used to produce the polymer film tape. The Modular Film Analyser with a Chill Roll is used to cool the film tape and prepare it for analysis. The Surface Quality Analyzer uses a high-resolution CMOS camera system to measure the height of surface defects (nips or agglomerates) with a resolution of 1 µm. The LASER Marking System or the Label Printer can be used to mark the defects. The Film Cutter and Sorter are used to cut the film tape into strips and sort them into containers.

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The entire system can be easily managed via the control unit with a software-based touch panel. This allows the user to set device parameters, film tension, and speed.