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Raw Material Inspection Systems

Blown Film Line

The OCS-blown film extrusion lines are used to produce high-quality blown films that can be used to measure impurities, haze, gloss, density, and other characteristics. The lines are equipped with a variety of features that allow them to produce high-quality films, including:
  • Adjustable wooden grids and Teflon-coated rolls that convert the film bubble into a flat film layer.
  • Guiding rolls that prevent wrinkles.
  • An optical device that measures the flattened film’s width and controls the film bubble’s diameter.
  • An electrically driven and adjustable tower height.
  • Pneumatically operated take-off nip rolls that can be optionally temperature controlled.
  • A touch panel control system that stores all system parameters and guarantees the reproducibility of the film quality at any time. The OCS-blown film extrusion lines can be used to test a wide range of polymers, including PP, PET, PC, HDPE, and LDPE. The lines can be used to test pellets, powders, and flakes.
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