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Fire-testing products have been increasing in importance in recent times. It is essential that products and materials are as flame-resistant as possible for reasons of safety and regulations. It is also important that a product generate as little smoke as possible in the event that it does ignite; this can help save lives. The main issues which should be taken into consideration in product development are:
  • Adhering to local, state, or national product standards
  • Producing low-flammability products
  • Preventing products from igniting quickly and burning rapidly
  • Knowing how flammable products behave
  • Generating the least amount of smoke possible
Netzsch supplies many fire-testing systems for investigating nearly any kind of material.
UL 94 - Fire-Testing System For Plastic Materials And Electronic Components
Test device in accordance with UL94 5th edition, DIN EN 60695 part 11-10, DIN EN 60695 part 11-20, DIN EN 60695 part 11- 3, DIN EN 60695 part 11-4, and ISO 9773.
TNB - Non-Combustibility Test Device For Building Products
Fire-testing devise for non-combustibility tests on building products with an electrical heating tube in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1182.
TBB - Reaction To Fire Testing For Floorings
System for the reaction of floorings to fire tests – determination of the burning behavior using a radiant heat source in accordance with EN ISO 9239-1.
KBT - Reaction To Fire Testing For Cables
Fire-testing system for measuring the heat release and smoke production during flame spread tests on vertically mounted bunched cables and insulated wires, in accordance with EN 50399 and IEC 60332-3-10.
SBI - Reaction To Fire Testing For Building Products (Except Cables & Floorings)
Fire-testing system for determining the reaction of building products to fire when exposed to thermal attack by a single burning item, in accordance with EN 13823.