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The Contact Angle Measuring Device (also known as Goniometer) is equipment based on optical measurement to determine the contact angle between the solid surface and the falling liquid drop. The calculated data is the contact angle, which helps to examine the wetting characteristics of solids to liquids.
By implementing contact angles measurement of multiple test liquids, we can find the free energy on the surface of the solid and the adhesion property of those different liquids can be further studied with the software analysis support.
The contact angle measurement method has become prevalent in many different industries and fields of research, such as surface treatments and finishes, surface coatings, detergents, chemical dispersants as well as paints and varnishes. Some typical applications include:
  • Static or dynamic mode of contact angle determination
  • Sessile drop method for wettability study of solid
  • Surface energy measurement of solids
  • Pendant drop method in optical examination of surface and interface tension
  • The fully automatic sample mapping
Available in: Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand
Manufacturer’s website: https://www.dataphysics-instruments.com
The OCA 15EC is the most basic instrument for professional contact angle calculation and droplet shape analysis.
OCA 25
The OCA 25 is a well-rounded measuring device for contact angle measurement and droplet shape analysis.
OCA 50
In the hopes of saving time for the wettability of solid surfaces assesment and surface energy determination, the OCA 50 is introduced as an entirely automatic operating instrument, equipped with the motorized sample table
OCA 200
For micro- and macro-structured samples, the OCA 200 will be an ideal option for contour analysis and contact angle measurement.