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Universal Transducer Adapters

Users of the Vantage System can readily adapt the system to work with transducers with a range of connectors thanks to Verasonics’ Universal Transducer Adapter (UTA). It is easy and takes only a few minutes to switch between UTAs. A set of screws are manually loosened, changes the UTA, and re-tightens the screws. The Vantage system must be shut down before and re-booted after the UTA changeover.

With the purchase of any Vantage system, one UTA adaptor is included. Additional adapters are available to meet changing research needs; older Vantage systems can be converted to the most recent UTA technology.

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Key Benefits of the UTA:
– Enables use of high-performance, low-noise connectors
– Allows for transducers of up to 256 elements without a multiplexer
– Provides signal paths for probes requiring additional grounding, power supply, digital control signals, etc.
– Retains compatibility with Verasonics transducers, as well as transducers from a variety of supplier partners