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Ferroelectric Test System

Precision Premier II Ferroelectric Tester

The Precision Premier II is an advanced tester that has a large test envelope in terms of frequency response, voltage range and accuracy. The Premier II has a fast hysteresis frequency rating of 250KHz at +/-10V built-in to the system. The Premier II execute tests to 100 kHz below 10 Volts, making it useful for both bulk and thin film capacitors. The Premier II is capable of measuring thin ferroelectric film capacitors down to 0.1 square microns. Using up to 32,000 points with 18-bit resolution. The Precision Premier II II is offered with a variety of internal amplifiers. The Precision Premier II is offered in a ±10V, 30V, 100V, 200V, and 500V built-in drive volt option. The Precision Premier II can be expanded to 10kV with the addition of a high voltage interface and amplifier. The Premier II tester makes testing of thin films and bulk ceramics a fast and simple process.
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