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Ferroelectric Test System

Vision Data Acquisition Software

Definitions and Datasets

Radiant’s Precision Line of Test Systems are driven by Vision Software. Vision Software is a framework that loads a variable series of independent agents known as Tasks. Tasks are configurable objects that perform the procedures of an experiment and collect and analyze any measured data. Such an experiment is called a Test Definition.

The true power of Vision is in grouping Tasks together in Test Definitions to form custom experiments (Datasets) so the user is not tied to running one specific task at a time. The Test Definition may consist of any number of Measurement Tasks. Researchers can create a dataset to hold any number of arbitrary Test Definitions that are executed from inside the dataset to save and document the data forever. Vision’s “Innovative Test Editor” let’s researchers create and document complex Test Definitions using computer icons to represent Tasks.

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Vision offers 115 Tasks in Total. Vision is the only software package available for ferroelectric testers that provides exceptional freedom to design, conduct and review all procedures associated with any material experiment. Vision dramatically increases the productivity of the researcher, reducing the time required to acquire data in an experiment. Vision’s enhanced productivity directly reduces cost of test. Vision dramatically increases the complexity of the research that may be accomplished by allowing researchers to combine different measurement tasks with environmental controls into an automated test procedure managed by programmable logic embedded with automated data collection, analysis and plotting tools.