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Pellet & Powder Analyzers

Pellet Scanner (PS25C)

The Pellet Scanner PS25C is a versatile system that detects and analyzes transparent and opaque plastic materials in pellets. The system uses a high-resolution color matrix camera to inspect the pellets transported on a vibrating channel. This allows the system to detect foreign bodies, impurities, or color deviations.

The Pellet Scan PS25C can be equipped with optional equipment, such as a multi-track flap system, which sorts out the contaminated pellets. This ensures that only high-quality pellets are used in the production process.

The Pellet Scan PS25C is a valuable tool for improving the quality control of polymer products. It can help to ensure that the pellets used in the production process are impure-free and that the correct colorant is added. This can lead to higher quality products and improved customer satisfaction.
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