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Pellet & Powder Analyzers

Pellet Scanner (PS800C)

The OCS Pellet Scanner (PS800C) is a versatile system that can be used to analyze a variety of pellets, including highly transparent, opaque, and colored pellets. The system uses two separate color line scan cameras to inspect the front and back of the pellet stream in free fall. This allows the system to detect impurities that show a color deviation from the product.

The PS800C also has a multi-track flap system that sorts the contaminated pellets. This ensures that only high-quality pellets are used in the production process. The system can also be used to determine the master batch concentration. This is the amount of colorant that is added to the pellets.

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The PS800C is a valuable tool for improving the quality control of polymer products. It can help to ensure that the pellets used in the production process are impure-free and that the correct amount of colorant is added. This can lead to higher quality products and improved customer satisfaction.