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Impurity / Contamination Analyzers

Sample Tester (ST4)

The OCS Sample Tester (ST4) is a compact tabletop instrument used to detect optical irregularities and contamination in transparent and non-transparent surfaces. It is used in the laboratories of manufacturing companies and research and development centers. Depending on the material, the system can operate in reflection or transmission mode.

The ST4 uses a high-resolution line scan camera and a user-specific LED to inspect the surface. A metal housing protects the camera against dirt and dust. The software that comes with the ST4 allows users to configure image processing freely. This includes, for example, the detection of irregularities via color classes or classifying detected irregularities into freely definable color, size, and shape classes.

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The ST4 is a valuable tool for ensuring the quality of transparent and non-transparent surfaces. It can detect impurities that could harm the end user or interfere with the desired surface properties.