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Impurity / Contamination Analyzers

Liquid Analyser (LA20)

The OCS Liquid Analyser (LA20) is an optoelectronic inspection system to detect insoluble components in transparent/translucent liquids. The LA20 uses a high-resolution color area scan camera and high-performance LED lighting to inspect the fluid. A metal housing protects the camera against dirt and dust. The flow cell and optical filters are also easy to clean.

The LA20 software allows the operator to configure the image processing freely. This includes, for example, the detection of contaminants via color classes or the classification of detected contaminants into freely definable color, size, and shape classes.
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The LA20 is a valuable tool for ensuring the quality of transparent/translucent liquids. It can be used to detect impurities that could harm the end-user or interfere with the desired properties of the fluid.