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Impurity / Contamination Analyzers

Multiple Plaque Analyser (MPA100)

The OCS Multiple Plaque Analyser (MPA100) is a compact tabletop device consisting of a high-resolution camera and an illumination unit for the detection of defects on transparent and opaque material plates in the laboratory or in research and development centres. It is able to detect a variety of irregularities such as holes, scratches or other surface contamination. After the samples are fixed in the magazine (capacity of up to 20 flat blanks), a robotic system automatically cleans each plate of dust and places it in the measuring chamber. All images from the camera are analysed and stored by special software.

Testable raw materials include transparent plaques (polypropylene, polyethylene, polycarbonate, glass, etc.), and opaque plaques (ABS, paper, metal, textiles, etc.).
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