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Pharma 16 Twin-Screw Extruder

Based on the experience from successful pharmaceutical extrusion projects in R&D and production, the Pharma 16 extruder was designed from the ground up to adapt to the changing needs of a highly regulated industry.

The compact housing with IP54 protection class is designed absolutely crevice-free for meeting GMP compliance. The fully-ported, split barrel with 8 individual heating and cooling zones and up to 150 bars of operational pressure ensures maximum flexibility in process design.

A comprehensive designed, industry-standard control and operation software allows plug-and-play functionality with upstream and downstream process equipment (e.g., feeders, chill rolls, pelletizers, dryers, etc). This maximizes the utilization of the investment since extruder configurations can quickly be reconfigured to accommodate process changes of the full-production line.
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