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On-line Melt Index Rheometer

Realtime Rheometer RTR/RTS

The GOETTFERT REAL TIME RHEOMETER RTR/RTS is having similar function as a capillary rheometer which performs measurements continuously for use in online quality control. The system is used in production control for monitoring high and low-viscosity polymers in the production and processing of raw materials.

Various important rheological parameters in real-time mode are being supplied, which are used to access the properties of the polymer. After the test has been performed, the polymer melt from the material supply line is fed back into the process stream by the REAL TIME RHEOMETER RTR in a closed loop circuit. Fresh melt is supplied continuously to the capillary via a circulating stream (CS) which is overlaid to the actual measuring stream (MS).

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The Goettfert Real Time Rheometer RTR was the first Online Capillary Rheometer on the market with its patented three-pump-system.