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Laboratory Platen Presses

LabEcon Series Platen Press

The critically acclaimed Fontijne LabEcon series floor standing platen press is known for its accurate and consistent pressing quality, and is therefore widely chosen as sample preparation press for quality control and R&D. LabManual series presses have been used successfully in many different sectors and mainly in the rubber, polymer and composite industries.

The press range are available up to 300, 600 or 1000 kN with up to 300°C, depending on the model – 300, 600, 1000. The results have been proven to be always accurate and consistent regardless of the model or settings used.

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The unit’s small footprint allows it to get installed easily in the lab, while its ergonomic design and straightforward touchscreen interface are appreciated by lab technicians. Furthermore, the LabEcon series incorporates many additional safety features, such as a fixed upper platen, an emergency stop system and a safety shield.

The LabEcon series is designed for all demanding quality control and R&D applications where accuracy, consistency and automation are prerequisites.