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Laboratory Platen Presses

LabPro Series Platen Press

Fontijne LabPro series platen press is designed for the most demanding pressing applications, and can be customized and built according to customer’s specifications.

From the closing force of more than 5,000kN from the most powerful LabPro model to the much lower closing forces of 10 kN or less, LabPro series press is able to perform with the same accuracy and consistency.

The LabPro press is largely automated and is equipped with a user-friendly touch screen control interface. Moreover, the integrated preset builder allows lab technicians to build and store up to 999 parameter settings.

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LabPro series are designed with the safety of the operator in mind. The CE-certified LabPro series therefore incorporates many safety features, such as a fixed upper platen, a safety shield and an emergency stop system.

A comprehensive range of options are available for the LabPro series, including a unique and very effective vacuum system which allows the application of high temperatures under vacuum conditions.

LabPro series platen press is the right choice for the most demanding quality control and R&D applications, as well as for the preparation of specific sample materials that need a custom approach.