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Purity Control OnRoll (PCR)

The OCS Purity Control OnRoll (PCR) system can be used to inspect plastic films on the roll in the winder. It can detect all types of contamination, including gels, burners (black specks), fisheyes, holes, wrinkles, scratches, coating defects, water droplets, oil stains, insects, bubbles, nozzle marks, and craters.

The PCR system is easy to integrate into the winder and can be implemented in the existing FSP600 system software or used as a stand-alone solution. It allows inspection widths of up to 10 meters and is particularly suitable for flat, blown, cast, biaxial stretch films, laminating, and slitting lines.
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The OCS Purity Control OnRoll (PCR) system is a valuable tool for any film manufacturer or converter who wants to ensure the quality of their products. It is a reliable, efficient, and easy-to-use system that can help to improve the quality of the finished product, reduce the number of rejects, and save time and money.