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Physical & Rheology Analysis

Filter Pressure Test (FPT)

The OCS Filter Pressure Test (FPT) is a method for determining the Filter Pressure Value (FPV), which measures the resistance of a polymer melt to flow through a filter. The FPV can be used to assess the melt purity or dispersibility of added color pigments.

The FPT is performed using the OCS Measuring Extruder (ME), which melts and homogenizes the test material. The molten material is then delivered to the filter via a melt pump at a defined and constant volume flow. The increasing pressure of the polymer melt is displayed, continuously recorded, and finally evaluated.

The FPV is a valuable tool for ensuring the quality of polymer materials. It can be used to identify materials with a high FPV, indicating the presence of impurities or poor dispersion of color pigments. The FPT can also monitor the production process and ensure that the materials meet quality standards.
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