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IV Tester

The IV TESTER is a simple device for the determination of Intrinsic Viscosity (IV or SV value), with no chemical solvents are used. This IV Tester is used in particular for quality control of polyester (PET) or polyamide (PA). It is based on a simple melt flow index tester of type mi2.2 according to ISO1133:Part 2 or ASTM D1238 Method B. For fast IV determinations, the IV TESTER is combined with an effective drying system. The IV TESTER allows the determination of intrinsic viscosity in one third or one quarter of the time compared to the determination of solution viscosity. This method eliminate the use of chemical solvents which are harmful to the environment and health. The IV viscosity is the viscosity of a polymer solution with a concentration of “zero” and thus independent of the solvent. In contrast, SV viscosity is the viscosity value at a certain polymer concentration in a solvent and therefore depends on the used solvent. Both values, the IV or SV value, correlate with the flowability of the polymer melt at a specified temperature and residual moisture.

The IV Tester provides the IV value.
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