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MIV-X Ultrasonic Optical Flaw Detector

MIV-X Ultrasonic Optical Flaw Detector

With MIV-X, you can visualize cracks, voids, delamination, and other hidden defects normally impossible to check visually.

Anyone can quickly and easily perform a visual surface inspection thanks to Shimadzu’s proprietary light imagining technique, which combines an ultrasonic oscillator with a stroboscope. Defects near the surface of a material, including peeling of the bonding and adhesive surfaces of heterogeneous materials, as well as paint, thermal sprays, and coatings can be inspected easily and non-destructively.

– Simply attach the ultrasonic oscillator to the sample, and position the camera above the inspection surface.

– The propagation of the ultrasound is quickly displayed, and flaws are easily identified from the video.

– The easy-to-operate software is enhanced with functions to mark the flaws and measure the size easily.

– The lineup includes an optional optical zoom set, which can detect smaller flaws.
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