LMS Technologies Vietnam

Hardness Tester


Testing larger, irregular shaped or long work pieces is a challenge on spindle machines. The product first needs to fit on the test anvil and then has to be lifted to the correct position for testing. In particular for nose type hardness testing, it gets difficult if you need to test the inside hardness of a large diameter sample. The 651RS addresses these concerns by being supplied with a large 425x370mm testing table with a hardened test area inlay that also gives space to the mounting of all kind of anvils for particular purpose, such as flat, v-shaped or spot anvils.

No need to fear falling objects or parts as such parts now don’t need to be lifted in position anymore. The linear slide that contains the protruding nose of 170mm long can be rapidly moved in to position by a precision ball bearing spindle. On the full working height of the machine a high precision measuring system determines the actual position of the nose during movement and while testing.
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