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Process 16 Parallel Twin-Screw Extruders

Thermo Process 16 Twin-Screw Extruder is designed to satisfy the needs of R&D, process development, and small batch production by ensuring easy handling and workflow efficiency. Easy cleaning and access are enabled by the housing and split barrel design with a removable top cover ensuring customer-specific application flexibility. User-friendly touch-screen operation that features an integrated feeder control and easily removable product contact parts. The compact design minimizes the usage of lab space and is ideal for a variety of compounding workflows with accessories such as filament spooler, sheet take-off systems, and pelletizers.
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The Process 16 extruder is also available in a hygienic model which includes stainless steel / pharma-grade steel product-contact-parts. The hygienic model is recommended when developing materials such as HMMA (high-moisture meat analogues) and TVP (texturized vegetable protein) applications.