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VIC-3D 8 System

Vic-3D 8 is a powerful system for measuring and visualizing both strain and movement.

Vic-3D 8 is a complete, turn-key system for measuring the shape, displacement, and strain of surfaces in three dimensions. Vic-3D includes all necessary hardware and our most up-to-date software.

Vic-3D 8 provides full-field, 3-Dimensional measurements of shape, displacement, and strain, based on the principle of Digital Image Correlation. Using this method, actual object movement is measured and the Lagrangian strain tensor is available at every point on the specimen’s surface.

Vic-3D 8 can measure arbitrary displacements and strains from 50 microstrains to 2000% strain and above, for specimen sizes ranging from <1mm to>10m. Setup is simple, requiring only a quick, flexible calibration procedure, and an applied random speckle pattern. No special illumination or lasers are required. And, no specimen contact is required during testing.
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