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LMS is pleased to accompany the Analytica 2022 Conference

LMS is pleased to accompany the Analytica 2022 Conference – New analytical methods in Pharmaceutical, Food, and Environment.
Analytica Vietnam is a reasonably familiar event name in Experimentation – Analysis – Diagnosis, which is held every two years. Due to the global, pervasive, and long-lasting influence of COVY, after more than two years of absence, this return to the playing field, the Analytica 2022 Conference was welcomed by Customers and was received an unexpected success. LMS is pleased to accompany the overall success of this event.
By consulting, providing, and updating several new advanced technologies in research and testing specialized in Pharmaceutical – Food, LMS is happy to receive a lot of attention from customers in our products. We are the exclusive distributor, particularly Thermo Scientific, Netzsch, and Shimadzu.

Equipment solutions for R&D and QC in the Pharmaceutical – Cosmetics, and Food industries:
  • Continuous granulation and hot-melt extrusion technology for Pharmaceuticals from Thermo Scientific – Germany: Pharma Mini HME, Pharma 11, Pharma 16, Pharma 24
  • Twin-screw extrusion technology for Food from Thermo Scientific – Germany: Process 11, Process 16, TSE 24
  • Thermal analyzer DSC – TGA – STA from Netzsch – Germany
  • Viscometers and rheometers from Thermo Scientific – Germany: VTiQ, Haake Mars iQ, Haake Mars 40/60
  • TPA structure analyzer & Universal mechanical tester from Shimadzu Corporation
  • Milling equipment for sample preparation and particle size analysis from Fritsch – Germany
If you have any questions needing application and technical support, please contact LMS for more details.

Sincerely thanks!